As I reflect on The Florida Aquarium’s accomplishments over the past year, I wanted to share with you a few that I feel speak to the heart of OUR aquarium and its purpose.

When Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on South and Central Florida, we were the first cultural attraction in Tampa to reopen our doors to our friends and neighbors. While we’re a non-profit, as part of our community healing and rebuilding process, we discounted admission to ensure that anyone who wanted to visit us could do so. More than 22,000 people came to enjoy Tampa Strong Days. It was just one of many ways The Florida Aquarium serves our community.

The Florida Aquarium’s dedicated staff of experts provided the highest welfare and care to more than 7,000 animals this past year. We also rolled up our sleeves and helped animals in need, including endangered sea turtles, critically endangered coral, rapidly declining shark populations, endangered penguins and other species in Tampa Bay and around the globe. In fact, just last month our team of coral experts worked to repair damage done to Florida’s coral reefs and nurseries by Hurricane Irma. It was just one of many ways The Florida Aquarium cares for our animals and the animals that rely on our blue planet.

Our team of committed staff and volunteers conducted local cleanups in our own backyard, removing thousands of pounds of trash from our Tampa Bay beaches and waterways to make them safer and more attractive for both people and our local terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. It was just one of many ways The Florida Aquarium improved the quality of our environment.

A local leader in STEM education, The Florida Aquarium offered learning opportunities and programs to more than 100,000 schoolchildren, many from underserved schools. We also provided support and experiences for people with autism and related disabilities. These were just a few of many ways The Florida Aquarium invested in future generations through the power of learning.

I’m proud of the work our dedicated team of experts does every day to ensure each animal in our care – as well as the people and wildlife of Tampa Bay, the entire state Florida and beyond – thrive, but we have a lot more to do, and our success relies on your generous support. Please join me and my family in making a critical year-end financial gift before December 31st to OUR Florida Aquarium. 

Your contribution will allow us to continue to provide the best animal welfare and care to our 7,000-plus animals; save our planets most vulnerable sea creatures, including endangered sea turtles, penguins and coral reefs; and provide unique, one-of-a-kind experiences and learning opportunities that create family memories and inspire action on behalf of our blue planet. 

Thank You for Your Generosity to The Florida Aquarium.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Roger Germann 
President & CEO 

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